Statement from Vote for Her on Right-Wing in Full Gear Sexist Attack Mode against Senator Kamala Harris Post Debate

Oct 8, 2020

Washington, D.C. – It is not surprising that following her stellar debate performance, Donald Trump and the right-wing attack machine are in full gear leveling false, sexist attacks on Senator Kamala Harris. This is a sad attempt to distract from the lackluster performance by Mike Pence last night and Trump’s cowardly refusal to debate Joe Biden next week. These attacks are well-worn tropes designed to try and discredit and undermine the truthful, factual case that Senator Harris made forcefully and respectfully last night. Senator Harris made this case in the face of consistent attempts by Mike Pence to silence her and silence the truth on the issues Americans care about by talking over her and interrupting both Senator Harris and the female moderator Susan Page. But it didn’t work: as a CNN poll demonstrated, 59% of registered voters view Senator Harris as the winner.

The question for members of the Republican party is whether or not they agree that these kinds of misogynist attacks are appropriate, and we are certain women voters would like to know where they stand. Instead of fear mongering and attacking women, Trump, Pence and their campaign should focus on laying out a clear plan for the COVID pandemic which they have failed to do and has cost more than 212,000 American lives.  



Vote for Her is a coalition of female leaders including Melanie Campbell, Alexis McGill Johnson, Jess Morales Rocketto, Maria Teresa Kumar, Hilary Rosen, Cecile Richards, Valerie Jarrett, Tina Tchen, that formed to fight back and denounce sexist and racist attacks against Senator Kamala Harris.