We want to continue highlighting the support and dedication you have for Kamala Harris by making some more noise around why you signed your name!

We are excited for the work ahead of us and determined to keep the momentum going. To help promote our mission and goals, we’ve prepared this social media toolkit, which includes important links, handles, sample language, and creative assets for you to use and share with your networks of Amazing Women.

As a member of this (amazing!) group of women committed to having her back, we are happy to helpto keep you in the loop and on message. You can expect updates from us that will include news clips, social suggestions and talking points we encourage you to use and promote as you take this journey to the White House with us!

How do I use this kit?

Follow & Tag our Social Profiles in your posts:

Instagram/Twitter: @voteforher2020

Use our #hashtags:

Use #VoteForHer and #WinWithBlackWomen

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Vote For Her

Win With Black Women

Post Examples

@KamalaHarris doesn’t hesitate to take on powerful people and interests. She proved that when she was California AG and secured $20 billion for the state’s homeowners. She proved it again when she took on for-profit colleges on behalf of students.

Let’s #VoteForHer so she can help restore the soul of the nation.

“Joe Biden was a terrific Vice-President and he knows what it takes to rescue an economy…” – @MichelleObama

We agree with the First Lady. @JoeBiden knows @KamalaHarris is exactly what it takes to make sure they can make an impact from day one. #VoteForHer

With @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris in the White House, we will have a team that champions equality. A partnership that will address the challenges of systemic racism facing women of color like voting, housing and employment inequality – from day one.


Sen. Kamala Harris’ extraordinary experience assures she’ll be a powerful partner on every step of this journey to the WH!

This election WILL depend on and be decided by Black women, and we’re here to declare that this November #WinWithBlackWomen and #VoteForHer

The challenges facing this country cannot be solved without the removal of the Commander-In-Grief.

After years of failed leadership, our future depends on the kind of leadership that only @KamalaHarris offers. #BidenHarris

This November, #VoteForHer

@KamalaHarris has been a key voice holding the Trump administration accountable, asking the tough questions on behalf of the American people. And she does it with purpose and a passion for the strength of the American people. #VoteforHer #WinWithBlackWomen

@KamalaHarris is tenacious, a truth-teller, and willing to stand up for what is right. Her extraordinary experience assures she’ll be a powerful and effective partner to President Biden on day one, helping him build this country back better. #VoteforHer #WinWithBlackWomen

Throughout her career, @KamalaHarris has worked to protect children, students, working families and those affected by racial inequities in our country. She has built a foundation of accomplishment to protect those most vulnerable in our society – a foundation our country needs rebuilt. #VoteForHer so that she can help Joe with our country’s reconstruction #VoteforHer #WinWithBlackWomen